Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Relax your mind in United-21 Tiger Camp Resort, Tadoba this season

Cute Cub with Tigress: Walking close & tight

Have you ever thought of living the wildlife you see on the television channels in reality? If not, you are surely gonna miss a chance to see nature at its best.

Wild means natural, the most primitive yet healthy state of mind. Urban crowds do not have this luxury very often. In the race of getting ahead of everyone and earning money we often forget the whole purpose behind this. Everybody wants to work hard, earn enough so that we would never have the need to work so hard and earn so much ever. We forget that our actual aim is to live a stress free life for which we accumulate so much of stress along with the wealth.

A stay in a wild life resort is one of the great ways to get back to the nature and calm down your anxieties. It helps you to flow with your instincts for a while. It lets your thoughts settle down and live without any plans for a change.

United-21 Tiger Camp Resort, Tadoba

Keep reminding yourself of this ultimate goal. Take out time every year and visit divine environments like United-21 Tiger Camp Resort Tadoba to rejuvenate your minds. Recharge your batteries to be able to achieve your dreams when you are back to your busy lives.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tadoba: The Jewel of Vidharba

Often revered as ‘The Jewel of Vidarbha’, the Tadoba National Park is situated in Chandrapur district in the north-eastern part of Maharashtra. Located in the heart of a reserved forest, this national park features wide range of trees and plants. The wildlife in this national park feature panther, sloth bears, jackals, hyenas, bison, nil gai, sambar, wild dogs, cheetal, and barking deer. This national park derives from ‘Taru’, the local deity, whereas the Andhari River that flows across this national park is the reason for its name.

Tiger in Tadoba

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is undoubtedly one of the best Tiger reserves in India. Overlooked by tourists for many years, this tiger reserve has now become an eye-candy among animal lovers. If you intend to have some of the most beautiful wildlife experiences, then you should consider visiting this national park. Thick hills form the north and south boundaries of this tiger reserve. While most national parks have a bad reputation for being over crowded from lodges, but this is not the case with Tadoba national park.

Flora: This reserve features dense woodlands comprising approximately 87% of the entirely protected area. Some other deciduous trees include crocodile bark, Haldu, Salai, Tendu, and Dhauda. Axle wood Anogeissus latigolia comes in the league of fire-resistant species growing in this national park. Palas plant adds vibrancy to this huge forest. Kach Kujali found in this national park is helpful for treating Parkinson’s disease. The leaves of bheria found in this national park acts as insect repellent. Beheda is yet another important medicine found here.

Entry gate of Tadoba: Land of Tiger
Fauna: Apart from 45 species of the Bengal Tiger, Tadoba Tiger Reserve is a home to various other mammals such as Indian leopards, gaur, nilgai, dhole, small Indian Civet, sloth bears, neel gai, chausingha, and striped hyena. You can find Marsh Crocodile in the Tadoba Lake, which was once commonly found across different parts of Maharashtra. Some of the reptiles found in this national park include endangered Indian python, Indian Cobra, tortoise, and Russel’s viper.

Attractions in Tadoba:

Erai Dam: Situated across Erai River, the Erai Dam is one of the key attractions in Tadoba. The length of and height of this dam is approximately 1620m and 30m, respectively. The gross storage capacity of this dam is approximately 226,500 cu km.

Tadoba Lake: This Lake is situated in the midst of the Tadoba-Andhari tiger Reserve. Approximately 200 bird species can be found around this Lake. Some of the bird species found here includes oriental honey, Indian pitta, white-eyed buzzard, orange-headed ground thrush, Indian roller, and flycatcher.

Reaching & Staying in Tadoba

Tadoba is stationed approximately 140Km south of Nagpur and 40Km north of Chandrapur. A majority of people visit Chandrapur, where one can find the nearest station to Tadoba. This station also happens to be a connecting point for travelers visiting this place from Nagpur, which is located at approximately 3 hours distance. Nagpur has the nearest airport connecting to Tadoba. Travelers can easily find a place for accommodation here because there are many resorts in Tadoba. If you perform proper research, then you may be able to get great deals.

United-21 Tiger Camp Resort, Tadoba National Park