Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Listen to the thundering roars of Tigers in Tadoba

Tiger Roar, Tadoba

Chandrapur located in central India was previously ruled by the Gond tribals and Tadoba Tiger reserve is tucked in the jungles of Chandrapur district. The gonds used to stay amidst dense jungle of Chandrapur and were well known for their acts of bravery. The tiger reserve of Tadoba acquired its name after the Gond king Taru, who had killed a tiger without taking help from others. Visit Tadoba to hear the roaring tigers and during your visit do not forget to drop at the shrine of the great Gond king near the beautiful Tadoba Lake. 

Tiger Roar, Tadoba
Time between December and January is the best to visit Tadoba, when you will get the opportunity to mingle with local Gond tribal’s and know their exclusive trends and traditions. A fair held during this period brings these tribal’s out of their sleepy hamlets for the sake of selling their splendid handmade creations to the visitors. Hence the fair is also looked upon as the best opportunity to buy some of the exclusive handmade souvenirs made by the locals. Hotels in Tadoba are keen to welcome visitors during this period when the previous year is vanishing and New Year is welcomed with enthusiasm. Your stay at Tadoba during this time will offer you a dual experience of viewing the wildlife treasure of Tadoba at the same time enjoying the New Year bash parties arranged by the hotels and resorts along with interesting offers.      

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